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 The Plot
 Posted: Sep 30 2014, 10:43 AM

How The World Came To Be
Welcome to Gateway City, Texas, a great civilization founded by the famed explorer Paul Pinciotti in 1860. By the early 1900s the city was booming with life with everyone living happy lives for the most part. But things started to change in 1904 when a human wondered into town that was very different from what people were accustomed to. On the outside he appeared perfectly normal save for a few scrapes and bruises, but he was far from it. This individual possessed incredible powers like never seen before outside of fairytales and legends. Scientists were baffled and amazed, maybe even a little afraid, so they did what came naturally, they took him in for studying. Unfortunately they couldn’t find the source of his incredible powers. What exactly happened to the man is up for debate, but the rumor is that the government locked him away in a secret facility for more “testing”. It was a grim start for the newly discovered species of human.

With time, more and more of these special individuals began to appear. Science gave them the name Metahuman, others… freaks. Like always, humans tend to fear what they do not understand. These two species would go on to coexist with trials and tribulations. There were those that decided to use their abilities to better mankind and others that saw to destroy it out of rage and hatred and downright maliciousness. The threat of all out war was constant. Eventually individuals not born with special powers began to surface as well. Some of these people gained their abilities through a variety of avenues including technology and freak accidents. They became known as Superhumans. In the year 2008 it was discovered that the source of metahuman abilities was a single mutated gene. With this knowledge, the Chinese government began to develop ways to suppress the gene, and soon other countries followed suit.

Good and evil rose, battled, and died countless times with ordinary humans stuck in the middle of it all. The year is now 2017 and Gateway City has a larger number of super beings than ever before. The age old struggle of good and evil still wages on. The question is which side are you on?

© darren criss
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Welcome one and all to the new Era of Valor. The essentials that made the board fun the first time around have remained intact. I hope you come, join, and enjoy this place as much as possible. There is so much to do in Gateway City. Rated M for mature content.

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