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 The Rules
 Posted: Sep 30 2014, 10:17 AM

Learn ‘Em
    When registering, make sure that you register in the proper capitalization. You can register with your characters given name or their codename if they have one, but no l33t speak or internet slang will be tolerated. “John Smith” or “Blasto” would be acceptable. Not “cuti3_pie 3” or “TomHanksisfunny”. Try to keep it simple when naming your characters. Think about whether or not you’d actually hear that name in reality, ever.


    This is a simple one. You have to give respect to get it. No one wants to play at a site where all of the players are running around acting like douchenuggets. It’s perfectly okay for characters to behave like that, but not for players. Keep all IC issues IC. Do not use OOC issues to justify your character picking on another. If an issue does rise come to staff. We want this place to be fun for everyone. Same applies to the chatbox.


    Every character needs a visual representation. Actors, models, musicians, and anyone famous is acceptable. Cartoon/comic images are not unless they are portraying a transformation like a giant three-armed beast for example. Avatars are required but signatures are not. If you do decide to have a signature make sure that it does not stretch the board. 500x300 is a good size limit for them. All avatars are to be 200x300 in size. Make sure that your images do not contain any nudity or offensive content. I personally don’t mind nudity, but others might, so be mindful.


    All IC posts are to be made in the third person past tense. The word count for the site is 200 which is easily two small paragraphs. Quality over quantity is the rule we go by around here. Make sure to give people something that they can work with in your post. One liners will not be tolerated because they are so lackluster and give people nothing to go on. DO NOT godmod or metaplay or whatever else it’s called. Give the other players a chance to react to a situation unless thy express otherwise. Time stamp all threads. The board may take place a few years from now, but still works in real time.
    Date of thread (day and month)
    Time of day


    When first starting off, players may have four characters right off the bat. But in order to have more, those first four characters must each have a post count of ten. Do not take on more than you can handle because that is a quick way to burnout. Try to have some variety too. You don’t want to have all heroes or all villains or all Joe Blows. Mix it up people.


    Posting at least once a week does not sound like a difficult goal now does it? Understand that life can get in the way at times and not everyone works on the same schedule. But do try to post when you can and let others know of your situation when you can’t. Don’t leave us hanging. People that have canons should most certainly be the most active. Remember to make sure that you have the time to rp before signing up.
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