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 Frequently Asked Questions
 Posted: Sep 30 2014, 02:37 PM

Helpful Information
Q: When creating a character what should I steer clear of?
First and foremost avoid Mary Sues and Gary Stus. They are annoying and boring characters that nobody likes. No one is perfect and not many have so severe of a messed up life that they are emotastic all the time. Don’t go for the tired concept of being created in a lab by a mad scientist or having been experimented on by the government. This isn’t allowed unless staff says so. Woe is me my parents were abusive. Really? Why? No body loves me but I still have friends somehow. Stuff like this should seriously be avoided.

Q: Are Marvel/DC characters allowed?
No and no. In the world of Era of Valor, these characters are simply comic book characters like how they are to us real people. Don’t expect to see Captain America or Wonder Woman around outside of a comic or cartoon.

Q: Are humans allowed?
Of course. The majority of the S.C.D. is made up of humans. Playing someone with powers is not mandatory. We gladly accept human characters. Somebody needs to be saved, right?

Q: How old should my character be?
Depends on what you want them to do, where you want them to be. If you plan on being a student then have them at the student age. Age does not really matter, though NO characters under the age of 13 unless there is good reason and staff agrees.

Q: What age do powers manifest for metahumans?
Powers can manifest at different times. Not everyone gets their powers in their teenage years. Some people don't develop until the twenties or later and some develop their powers as early as young childhood. Abilities manifest at random though many have reported that their abilities first showed during stressful events. This isn’t the case for everyone remember.

Q: What is the difference between Meta and Super?
Metahumans is the term used to describe those people that were born with their abilities such as Lily Washington. They possess the meta gene. Superhumans is used to describe those that received their abilities through other means such as technology, freak accidents, and magic. The hero Jason Jameson is an example of technology driven powers.

Q: What powers aren’t allowed?
At EoV we try not to limit people, but there are some powers that are difficult to play out in a roleplay setting. Time traveling, alternate reality jumping, and reality manipulation are all banned abilities.

Q: What is the relationship between superbeings and humans?
Humans and superbeings (metas and supers) live side-by-side in most of the world, though there are some countries that keep the species separate because of prejudice and fear. America leans more toward the tolerant side, but there are many that view meta and supers as nuisances that only make the world a worse place. Gateway City has a high population of superbeings and is more tolerant than other areas.

Q: Where is Gateway City located?
In the northern part of Texas.

Q: I can really have an alien character?
The answer to that one is yes, but there are some things that need to be taken care of first. If you want to play an alien you have to come up with definite cultural, biological, societal rules and functions for the race. A writeup for said race laying out the details should be included in the app as a footnote so that we can understand them. Also take into consideration how the rest of the world would react to an alien given that they were invaded by barbaric aliens before.

Q: So how does magic work?
All magic that exists in the universe stems from a plane of existence known as The Nebula. Every person that exists has a connection to said plane, but only a few can actually access the magical powers that lie within. Magic is a rarity. There are not a lot of people that use it. It can manifest in countless ways from simple nature spells to more extravagant. Characters that use magic will be judged more heavily to make sure that they don’t run around the board unchecked. Clear limitations and consequences are a must.

As the site expands more will be added.

© darren criss
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